The 3 pillars of bioflightvr


With our virtual reality medical training and simulation modules, BioflightVR helps students and doctors refine their skills and learn by doing for increased retention and proficiency.


With our detailed virtual reality medical animations, BioflightVR helps patients become better informed about their bodies, illnesses and health issues. Our virtual reality doctor training and 360° enhanced videos help physicians and surgeons learn about new products and procedures within their field.


We believe in sharing knowledge and connecting doctors and patients from around the world in one shared space. Whether it's a virtual second opinion or several doctors discussing a virtualized MRI or CT scan, BioflightVR is working to network these interactions for multiple users in real-time within a shared virtual space.

What we do

Bioflight offers a wide range of medical virtual reality and augmented reality services.
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VR Training & Simulation

Our virtual reality medical training simulates real world procedures and scenarios that are impossible or extremely expensive to recreate in the real world.

Behavioral Modification

With highly detailed virtual reality medical animations, we can educate people on the negative and postive effects their actions have on their bodies.

AR Training

By using augmented reality in medical training exercises, we can enhance a familiar experience and reinforce positive outcomes.

360° Video

We can shoot multiple angle, 360° video of any procedure, then enhance that video with interactive, informational overlays for a unique, educational experience.

Who we build for

  • Medical Device Companies

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers

  • Hospitals

  • Doctors, Physicians and Surgeons

  • Clinical Researchers

  • Universities

  • Medical Educators and Students

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Our growing portfolio

Our client list is growing and so is our portfolio.

See below for samples from a few of our current and past works.
We're also sharing some of our prototypes that are helping to shape our direction.


BioflightVR is working with two partners (to be announced soon) on a pilot program that tests and measures the efficacy of VR in training students for pediatric trauma scenarios.

Surgical 360° Video

With our partner hospital in Lake Charles, LA, BioflightVR has shot multiple surgeries including this hip replacement video. By shooting in 360° 4K from multiple angles, viewers can select between vantage points, observing valuable procedure skills from experienced doctors. Interactive graphical overlays allow the viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of an operating room.

Smoking Cessation

BioflightVR has created a behavioral modification virtual reality experience that takes users on an immersive journey through their internal organs to graphically demonstrate the destruction and decay that smoking can cause in their bodies.

Internal Exploration

BioflightVR relentlessly experiments with new methods for displaying our trademark high-fidelity CG renders within the Unity and Unreal game engines. Our pioneering VR design and delivery methods for human anatomy CG are one of the many features that sets our work apart.

our clients & partners

(We look forward to sharing more with you in the very near future as NDA's allow.)


Who we are

BioflightVR is a Los Angeles based team of passionate doctors, content developers and programmers dedicated to advancing immersive medical platforms.

The core BioflightVR design group has won Emmy awards and Visual Effects Society awards for their pioneering computer graphics work on popular television shows CSI and ER. From real medical labs and autopsy suites to the VFX departments on set, we've been together for over a decade, creating medically accurate, high performance CG experiences that utilize our deep knowledge of visualization, visual effects, procedures and pipeline. Now paired with software professionals, plus experts in virtual reality and medicine, we are leading the way for a new era of medical technology excellence.

Check back soon for announcements on our growing executive team.

Rik Shorten

Co-founder / Chief Creative Officer
Randy Osborn

Randy Osborn

Co-founder / Chief Product & Technology Officer

Jim Reeves

Co-founder / Head of Education
Dr. Nathan Cohen

Nathan Cohen, MD

Medical / Technical Advisor

Shauna Heller

VR Platform Advisor

David Bryant

Art Director

Derek Smith

Creative Director


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BioflightVR is an Immersus company.